Tachograph manipulation: ECR is on the case!

On April 12th and 13th the Polish General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD), hosted ECR tachograph manipulation experts from across the EU for a specialist class in Warsaw.

From its introduction the digital tachograph, a recording device to register driving and resting time of the HGV and coach driver, has been the target of attempts by certain elements in the market to falsify the recordings as to show rest when the driver was actually driving or loading and unloading. Considering the risk posed to road safety by driver fatigue and the impact on fair competition of unchecked driving time, combatting tachograph manipulation is a priority for enforcement services.

Initially the forms of manipulation were relatively simple: driving without a card, driving with someone else’s card, using a magnet to block the signal from the pulse sender to tachograph, etc. Prompted by the security issue the Commission introduced a second version of the digital tachograph that made it more difficult to use a magnet. Since then and with the introduction of a new generation SMART tachograph imminent, the manipulations have become more and more sophisticated.

Finding and targeting this manipulation 2.0 requires considerable investment of time and expertise from enforcement officers. The world of tachograph manipulation is fast evolving and so must enforcement agencies.
The GITD has developed a dedicated network of tachograph manipulation experts over the years and organized the workshop to share their latest discoveries with their ECR colleagues.

Apart from introducing the Polish inspection procedure and best practices, the workshop focused on a worrying development in tacho manipulation: tampering inside the tachograph unit and pulse sender directly as well as CANBUS frauds. On the second day there was plenty of opportunity for participants to put the acquired knowledge into practice during the practical session.

Participants learned valuable new techniques to detect these latest iterations of sophisticated frauds. The exchange of expertise is vital in keeping on top of the fast moving world of manipulations. Initiatives such as this one, paired with the ECR tacho master classes and Tachoweb manual ensure that ECR remains on the case!

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